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The LA Lakers club is the most popular and the most valuable basketball club in the world. Located in Inglewood Los angeles, California USA. The LA Lakers club are also one of the most successful clubs in the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA), and have won 16 NBA championships, their most recent being in 2010.

In 1968, the LA Lakers club acquired four-time NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) Wilt Chamberlain to play center, and after losing in the Finals in 1969 and 1970, they won their sixth NBA title—and first in Los Angeles—in 1972, led by new head coach Bill Sharman. After the retirement of Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain, the team acquired another center, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who had won multiple MVP awards, but was unable to make the Finals in the late 1970s.

The 1980s LA Lakers club were nicknamed “Showtime” due to Magic Johnson-led fast break-offense, and won five championships in a 9-year span,
including their first ever Finals championship against the Celtics in 1985. This team featured Hall of Famers in Magic Johnson, Abdul-Jabbar, and James Worthy, and a Hall of Fame coach, Pat Riley.

After Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson’s retirement, the team struggled in the early 1990s before acquiring Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant in 1996.

Led by Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and another Hall of Fame coach, Phil Jackson, Los Angeles won the titles between 2000 to 2002, securing the franchise its second “three-peat”. After losing both the 2004 and 2008 NBA Finals, the LA Lakers club won two more championships by defeating
the Orlando Magic in 2009 and Boston Celtics in 2010.

The LA Lakers club hold the record for NBA’s longest winning streak, 33 straight games, set during the 1971–72 season. 21 Hall of Famers have played for Los Angeles, while four have coached the team.

Four LA Lakers players Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant—have won the NBA MVP Award for a total of eight awards.

For 2018/19 season, superstar LeBron James joined the LA Lakers club for a 4 year contract worth over $160 million. And sales of merchandise spike over the roof. This is LALakers club showtime.