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Recent Los Angeles Lakers rumors involve Anthony Davis, who has asked for a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans and with the Lakers atop his list.

Recent Los Angeles Lakers rumors are going to get fans excited. Anthony Davis finally dropped the other shoe that the world was waiting on and powered up the NBA trade rumor carousel. He dropped the biggest bomb on the NBA since the news that February was the next month in the 2019 calendar.

On Monday, through his representation, Anthony Davis let it be known to the New Orleans Pelicans that he will not sign the super max deal of five years at $ 240 million dollars. Plus he said the magic words that every NBA superstar is using these days seemingly.

“I want to be traded.”

Anthony Davis is eligible to be a free agent in 2020, which means the Pelicans probably are in no rush to make any moves, instead, finding the best deal that works for them. They can afford that luxury considering that they own his rights for the rest of this year and the next.

Adrian Wojnarowski was the first to break the news and has quotes from both sides… 

First let’s hear from Anthony Davis’ agent, Rich Paul…

“Anthony wants to be traded to a team that allows him a chance to win consistently and compete for a championship,” Paul told ESPN. “Anthony wanted to be honest and clear with his intentions and that’s the reason for informing them of this decision now. That’s in the best interests of both Anthony’s and the organization’s future.”

The Pelicans had their own statement on the Anthony Davis situation…

 “Although we are disappointed in this decision, our organization’s top priority is to bring an NBA championship to our city and build our team for long-term success,” the team said. “Relative to specific talks of a trade, we will do this on our timeline. One that make sense for our team and it will not be dictated by those outside of our organization. We have also requested the League to strictly enforce the tampering rules associated with this transaction.”

Here’s where the article starts. The Pelicans are not stupid and they know that there is a power play going on. Klutch Sports is the agency that represents Anthony Davis. Rich Paul is the super agent handling his affairs.

Oh yeah, he happens to be LeBron James‘ best friend and confidant. Everyone wants to talk about tampering surrounding the “dinner” that LeBron James and Anthony Davis had a month ago when the Pelicans were in Los Angeles. 

Pfft…please. LeBron James is too smart for that, he has the most connected agent in the NBA in his camp, why would he do that? Rich Paul didn’t get to where he is by being spoon fed instructions on what LeBron James wants.

Will Davis be a Laker in about 10 days? Who knows. What I do know is that the Pelicans are going to channel some San Antonio or OKC energy when they were faced with the same situation. Meaning the Pelicans will expect the same amount of assets with similar results.

Also, I know that history is about to repeat itself all over again with LeBron James strolling into an NBA franchise and basically destroying the future for his personal agendas. Lake Show Life has numerous articles on the website in the offseason basically predicting the events that are happening now.

If fans were paying attention, it’s really easy because he did the same thing in Cleveland. I saw this picture on Twitter and the caption is exactly what LeBron James was going to do the second he signed his four-year deal in the summer.

Let’s look at the moves that are potentially happening now compared to four years ago.

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