Recent Lakers rumors are about what type of deals they will be pursuing before the NBA Trade Deadline.

With the Los Angeles Lakers struggling without LeBron James, recent Lakers rumors have been about what their plan going into the trade deadline would be. Without James, the Lakers have a record of 5-10, and have fallen way down in the Western Conference standings.

Despite not having James for the last 15 games, the Lakers are by no means out of it in the playoff hunt. Since the Lakers do have James and the expectations of making the playoffs, they would surely like to improve before the deadline.

Recently, Bill Oram of The Athletic spoke about the two types of deals that the Lakers are interested in making. Here’s what he said via Kyle Newport of Bleacher Report.

A trade that will solidify the team’s roster and increase its chances of making the playoffs this season

A trade that lands a second superstar to team up with LeBron James

The first trade type is likely the more likely of the two. So far this season, the Lakers have had a lot of trouble shooting the basketball. Whether it’s from three-point range, mid-range, or at the free throw line, the Lakers don’t shoot the ball well.

This is certainly something that could be addressed without mortgaging their future at the trade deadline.

The second trade type is one that the Lakers have been exploring for a while now, but unlikely to happen during the season. Since before the 2017 NBA Draft, the Lakers have been rumored to be interested in players like Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Both ended up being traded, but not to the Lakers.

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As of now, the next big superstar that could be next to be traded is Anthony Davis. However, there are no indications that is officially on the block or that a trade will happen this season. More than likely if Davis is going to be dealt, it will happen in the summer. As the trade deadline approaches, it will be interesting to see the type of players that the Lakers pursue.

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