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Recent Lakers rumors are that the team is interested in acquiring Trevor Ariza from the Phoenix Suns.

The one thing you can say about the Los Angeles Lakers is that something is always going on with them. Even on a supposed off day. After defeating the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday night and regaining their slot as the 5th seed in the Western Conference…

It seems that we have more Lakers rumors connected to the Phoenix Suns. It seems the business plan for the Lakers is to play the Suns, beat the brakes off them on the court, while that is going on, make a deal for the veterans and their expiring contracts.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, it is being reported that the Lakers and the Suns are in discussions to make a deal to acquire Trevor Ariza for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and a possible future draft pick. It is also reported that a third team will possibly be in the mix to make the deal go through.

According to Wojnarowski…

The teams have been working to reach an agreement with a third team that would take on Lakers guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope as part of a potentially larger deal, league sources said.

The Suns want to land a playmaking guard and a draft asset as the price of unloading Ariza, sources said. Phoenix and Los Angeles have made progress in third-team scenarios, although no agreements are close and both teams remain active in multiple trade discussions throughout the league, sources said.

It is very important to mention that until December 15, 2018, this will be nothing but speculation in a long line of Lakers rumors. Will it go through? There are not many reporters I listen to when it comes to possible moves, but Wojnarowski has a enough credibility to put me in front of the computer to put this together.

My guess for the third team will be the Atlanta Hawks (more on that later).

What we do know now is that the Lakers covet Trevor Ariza’s ability to defend multiple positions on the floor on a consistent basis while knocking down the corner 3-point shot. Theoretically that tends to work perfectly with the drive and dish style that LeBron James likes to play. Plus, Trevor Ariza brings in championship experience and knowledge of the Lakers winning culture (Remember Trevor Ariza was on the last championship winning team!). Throw in the little known fact to the casual fan that Rob Pelinka was Trevor Ariza’s former agent and you have a perfect storm of a possible trade being done on Saturday.

I’m sure Lakers fans would welcome Trevor Ariza back some more of the good ole’ days…

Here are other storylines that surrounding this deal…

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