Recent Los Angeles Lakers rumors involve the Phoenix Suns and Trevor Ariza, as Phoenix reportedly declined a three-team offer involving the veteran forward.

Los Angeles Lakers rumors have really heated up in recent days. It was reported that the Lakers were in on trade discussions with the Phoenix Suns for veteran forward, Trevor Ariza.

The Lakers are undoubtedly not the only team in on Ariza. His skill set and experience is something that would help out a ton of contending teams. As a result, the Suns can really hold out for a deal that they like, and one of the offers from the Lakers did not fit their needs.

Phoenix is looking to add a playmaking guard and draft assets. Those demands were seemingly not met, as they declined a three-team deal.

According to Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Time, the Suns declined a three-team trade offer.

There isn’t a lot revealed in that tweet about the proposed trade that was declined. Keep in mind nothing can be done until Dec. 15, when free agents who signed this past summer are eligible to be traded. Ariza falls under that umbrella, as do multiple Lakers, including Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

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Caldwell-Pope seems to be the player that is brought up most in discussions. When news first broke that the Lakers were engaged in trade talks with the Suns, it was Caldwell-Pope being mentioned by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN as the player being shipped out of Los Angeles.

However, the Suns have no interest in bringing on Caldwell-Pope, resulting in the search for a third team. It is fair to assume that a third team was found, but that it was not a deal that the Suns were willing to accept.

If the Lakers are going to acquire Ariza, it will take at least one other team to get the deal done. They are not going to part with any of their young core to acquire Ariza, and rightfully so.

This will be something to keep an eye on as Ariza will, one way or another, be with a different team soon enough.

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The Suns could always do a buyout with Ariza, as they did with Tyson Chandler, but with all of the attention that Ariza is garnering on the trade market, it would be tough to imagine the Suns just getting rid of him without getting anything in return.

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