LeBron James is dominating on the court but is being prepped for the playoffs more than ever before.

In mid-December, the LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers currently sit with a record of 18-12. After beginning the season just 2-5, things have seemed to turn around for the better for Los Angeles and the Lakers.

With nearly 30 games completed in the season, it’s vital to both look into, and appreciate, the man on the Lakers wearing number 23. LeBron James‘ numbers are how they always are, but the most important part is his lowered minutes per game.

James is currently averaging the least minutes played per game that he has throughout his entire career. This fact makes it all the more impressive that the Lakers hold the record they do.

Not only is Luke Walton saving his superstar’s energy, but his team is winning in the process. This is almost as perfect of a situation the Lakers can be in heading toward a potential playoff run. While no one believes any Western Conference team can dethrone the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs, most didn’t think the Lakers would get as far in the playoffs as I now think they will.

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Being a top-four seed in the West is a reflection of just how good the team is playing, and I think the most intriguing part is that LeBron isn’t putting out that much. The entire NBA and their mothers know the animal LeBron turns into during the playoffs, so if the Lakers are this good now, what’s stopping them from being the final Western Conference team to face the Warriors in the postseason? My answer, nothing.

With the Houston Rockets still sitting outside the playoff picture, Lakers fans should only feel even more optimistic. While I don’t think that Lakers are much greater than a handful of teams, I also don’t see any teams too much greater than them.

The primary team the Lakers should be watching out for that aren’t the Warriors but instead are the Oklahoma City Thunder. With their star power, and defensive ability, the Thunder will be a true threat to the Lakers come playoff time. The one thing the Thunder don’t have however, is the best player in the world.

When it comes down to the playoffs, LeBron James is second to none in performance, and there’s no reason to think he won’t be back to that same level of performance this year. What I think is scary for other Western Conference teams is that he may be more ready than ever.

The lowered minutes, and what seems to be ease that James is playing with this season (almost non-jumping jump-shot, and laziness on defense), will prepare LeBron and the Lakers to make an overpowering push come playoff time.

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Now, the season is still early, and other teams will likely prove to be more of a threat to the Lakers further down the line, but the reason for optimism should be at an all-time high for Lakers fans.

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