Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

The third episode of LeBron James’ show, “The Shop” recently aired and we discuss what happened on the most recent installment.

LeBron James is now over 30 games into his Los Angeles Lakers career. Much has been said about his on-court play and how the Lakers have fared this season. He has also done his thing off the court as well. He has an HBO program called “The Shop” that has been wildly successful!

Maybe the direction of the franchise was not all LeBron James discussed with Magic Johnson before the contract signing. Maybe Johnson was giving him talk show advice…say what you want about The Magic Show, I liked it. Okay, maybe it was Sheila E.

LeBron James now has talk show host on his list of responsibilities, launching his brand new show, “The Shop” on HBO. The half-hour series premiered just before the season started. This was the first project that put James in the forefront, more talking about things that are on his mind.

The show is centered around James, who chats with celebrity guests about sports, politics, race relations, parenthood and other topics that include, let me take a second look here, yep, BROADWAY MUSICALS!

If you look deeper, it is extremely smart and it does shine the light on the discussions that really do get discussed in a barber shop. Plus, it allows exposure to barbershops across the country with all of the productions and tapings being done in different shops. The first episode was taped in West Hollywood’s Barber Surgeons Guild.

I see where LeBron James is going with “The Shop”. This gives the hardcore NBA fan the chance to get to know James outside of basketball. It’s not the business closely guarded LeBron that talks about the NBA, the team and his teammates. In other words, some of the language used is not suitable for children.

“The Shop” shows him in a more relaxed mood and he seems a lot more open. It also introduces James in a sense to non-NBA fans that have been watching the seemingly one-sided feud with Donald Trump, who seemed to question his intelligence.

The second episode went into detail about the Pusha T/ Drake beef (which by the way has transformed to the Kanye West/Drake beef!).

I give LeBron James credit. He might not have known it at the time but he actually brought early insight into the Drake/Kim Kardashian/Kanye West controversy two weeks ago.

Plus LeBron James lets the world in on what he believes to be the greatest disappointments in his career and how it drove him to greatness.

“It was 2011,” James said on his HBO show “The Shop,” pointing to his first season with the Heat. “Yeah, I mean, I had seven great seasons, eight great seasons. Went to Miami my first year and thought it would be easy, you know what I’m saying? I knew I had to still work hard. But I thought it would be easy because I was teaming up with some guys that was, you know, some real players.”

“In the sense of you know you could have done better. And, you know, after that Finals, man, I was just like, that’s never happening again. I may lose again. I may not win everything. But I will never, I will never fail at anything.”

This is a show worth your time watching. Again the language is colorful, but it is just like hanging out with LeBron James, Maverick Carter and Hollywood and basketball friends just shooting the breeze. But episode 3 brought some controversy…

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